More than 1300 Tabla artists set Guinness world record at Tal Darbar

Gwalior, the city of Music witnessed a historic moment on 25 December as over 1300 Tabla players orchestrated a spectacular Tal Darbar performance, etching their names in the Guinness Book of World Records. This grand spectacle played to the tune of Vande Mataram, resonated through the “City of Music” and proclaimed the rich cultural and musical heritage of Madhya Pradesh.

This event was a vibrant tribute to the legendary musician Sangeet Samrat Tansen and a vibrant celebration of Madhya Pradesh’s musical legacy. The rhythmic symphony of 1300 Tablas reverberated through the Gwalior Fort, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of an Indra’s Darbar.

Chief Minister Dr Mohan Yadav, witnessing the momentous occasion, received the official Guinness World Records certificate, declaring December 25 as ‘Tabla Day’ in Madhya Pradesh to commemorate this extraordinary achievement and honour all musicians.

A multi-generational symphony made at ‘Tal Darbar’ was truly unique performance with the participation of tabla players representing three generations, ranging from seasoned veterans to budding talents as young as four years old. This intergenerational ensemble beautifully showcased the enduring legacy of musical passion in Madhya Pradesh.

Principal Secretary, Tourism and Culture Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla said that “the darbar which was adorned by Tabla players as young as four years old along with veterans was also unique in the sense that three generations were playing Tabla simultaneously. Today this city of Tansen was dancing to the beat of harmonious blend of tradition and innovation drums on Tansen’s land.”

The performance went beyond simply playing Vande Mataram. The Tabla players showcased their virtuosity by weaving the tune into intricate “Teen talas”, blending seamlessly with the melodies of harmonium, sitar, and sarangi. This captivating fusion of traditional instruments and rhythmic patterns highlighted the dynamism and adaptability of Madhya Pradesh’s musical landscape.

‘Tal Darbar’ served as a prelude to the centenary celebrations of Tansen, the legendary musician who once graced the courts of Mughal emperors. It underscored the timeless relevance of Tansen’s musical principles, where every beat and every rhythm embodies not just a technical skill but also a fundamental aspect of human existence. The event was a testament to the undeniable influence of music in Sangeet Samrat Tansen’s city Gwalior. The rhythmic beats of the “Tal Darbar” captivated not only the dignitaries and guests but also the countless music lovers who witnessed this historic moment.

The resounding success of ‘Tal Darbar’ is a shining example of Madhya Pradesh’s dedication to preserving and celebrating its rich cultural heritage. It paves the way for future generations to cherish the legacy of Sangeet Samrat Tansen and carry forward the melodious traditions of Gwalior’s musical tapestry.


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