Oetker Collection’s vision for luxury excellence

In the realm of luxury hospitality, the Oetker Collection stands as a beacon of refined elegance and exclusivity. Comprising a constellation of opulent properties across the globe, the collection epitomises uniqueness, luxury, and personalised service. Travel Turtle spoke to Hugues Miranda, Vice President Sales Europe, Russia, CIS & Asia Pacific, and Alessio Minetto, General Manager, Woodward, Geneva as they shed light on the collection’s ethos and the distinctive allure.


Crafting masterpieces

Hugues shares about the ethos behind their renowned properties “Our goal is to create not just hotels but living, breathing masterpieces. Each property embodies a distinct identity while upholding our commitment to unparalleled luxury and bespoke experiences.”

He further adds, “We aim to preserve the individuality of each property, ensuring they remain exclusive and unique in their offerings. This, coupled with our dedication to exceptional service, defines the essence of Oetker Collection.”

A paradigm of exclusivity

Alessio offers insights into their distinctive approach, “The Woodward epitomises exclusivity with only 26 exquisite suites. Our focus lies in providing an unparalleled boutique experience, blending contemporary luxury with a rich historical backdrop.”

“From the meticulously curated interiors featuring baccarat chandeliers to the bespoke services such as dedicated fitness coaching and the indulgent Guerlain Spa, every detail at The Woodward is crafted to offer an unparalleled experience,” Alessio adds.

A global perspective

Hugues Miranda shares insights into their diverse clientele, “Our properties cater to a global audience, with each region showcasing its allure. We’ve witnessed a growing interest from discerning travellers from Asia Pacific, Russia, CIS, and Europe, drawn to our properties for their unique blend of luxury, authenticity, and exceptional service.”

He emphasises, “While our European properties have historically drawn attention, we’ve seen an increased fascination with destinations like Geneva, where The Woodward stands as a pinnacle of exclusivity and refinement.”

Elevating luxury standards

Alessio reflects on the future of luxury hospitality “Oetker Collection continually strives to redefine luxury by maintaining the highest standards while embracing innovation. We envision expanding our portfolio while preserving the intimate and exclusive nature of each property.”

Hugues echoes this sentiment, stating, “We aim to curate new masterpieces while staying true to our core values of individuality and impeccable service. Our focus remains on creating unparalleled experiences that resonate with our guests, ensuring Oetker Collection remains synonymous with luxury and exclusivity.”

In essence, Oetker Collection, through its meticulously curated properties like The Woodward Geneva, continues to set benchmarks in luxury hospitality, emphasising uniqueness, exclusivity, and a commitment to providing exceptional experiences to its discerning guests.







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