Far from the bustle of Japan’s busy cities, in the southernmost prefecture, lies subtropical Okinawa, a group of more than 160 islands ringed by cerulean waters, white sandy beaches, lush landscapes, and top-notch cuisine, it’s not a surprise that Okinawa often referred to as Japanese Hawaii.

Swaths of pristine sand, glass-like surf and colorful marine life make Okinawa’s many breathtaking beaches for a perfect beach holiday. Snorkel with iridescent fish at Aharen Beach, Kerama Islands, or explore the coral reef at Yonehara Beach, Ishigaki-Jima, spend some time and experience the Nishibama Beach Kerama Islands. With parasailing, diving, and other activities, the Manza beach is, patronized by many visitors.

For one of the more adventurous Okinawa activities, trek your way deep into the Northern Okinawa jungle. Here, one will experience a stunning and remote waterfall called Tataki Falls. Like some of the best things in life, you have to earn this one. Dedicate an entire day to this adventure as you hike, river trek, water slide, jungle swing, and rope climb your way through the jungle

With its amalgamation of Ryukyu (former name of Okinawa), Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asian and American cultures, Okinawa’s cuisine is a diverse melting pot that differs from mainland Japan. Okinawan dishes are widely available at restaurants throughout the prefecture. For trying out a variety of dishes, a visit to a local Izakaya (Japanese style dining bar) is a must. One should try Okinawa Soba, Champuru (means mix), Umibudo (means “sea grapes”), Tofuyo another derivative of the versatile soya bean.

The ‘Dream Wedding’ destination for many, Okinawa with its surreally romantic locales, themed chapels, private gardens, and luxury wedding planners, is now one of the favorite destinations for planned, theme weddings for young Japanese and Indians couples alike. An island known for its sun-drenched beaches and turquoise coast, also historical sites filled with the remnants of World War II, Okinawa offers unforgettable experiences for every type of honeymooner. Newlyweds can enjoy a variety of activities and attractions that suit their honeymoon style. Those looking for a romance-filled trip will love to stroll by the white-sand beaches, seeing the sunset beneath the breathtaking golden sky. Meanwhile, adventurous couples will be thrilled by the abundance of water-sport activities and nature explorations.

There are also luxurious retreats, historic sites, and cultural attractions that would be perfect for laid-back honeymooners who want to take a break and enjoy a relaxing time at the island.

Okinawa has always been open to hosting people from different regions, cultures and so has a strong tradition of hospitality and luxury. Accommodation in Okinawa goes beyond standard hotels, luxury suites, and star ratings to include both homestays and rural Ryokan’s.


Since Okinawa has its own distinctive culture and tradition, you may enjoy shopping for their unique local products for souvenirs. The most significant crafts from Okinawa are the Shisa statues, the Guardian Lions of Okinawa usually sold as a pair.

So when in Okinawa, take it easy as you explore its beautiful sights.


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