Saudi Arabia to boost tourism sector with AR navigation technology

In order to improve the customer experience for guests visiting Saudi Arabian museums and tourism destinations, announced a cooperation with AI Safer. Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” plan, which aims to strengthen the region’s culture and tourism industries, is now underway. The leaders in the area will be assisted in achieving this objective by ARWay’s solution, which offers an interesting and cutting-edge strategy for on-site customer experiences and tourism.

Using phone cameras, clients may use’s revolutionary service to create custom, immersive wayfinding images that aid visitors in navigating areas. Furthermore, information graphics that correspond to a location are displayed by ARway’s solutions.

AI Safer is owned by The Agency of Record for The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts in Saudi Arabia, which plans to begin using the technology for guests in March 2024.

With a no-code platform, the “state of the art” navigation solution makes it simple for clients like AI Safer to produce wayfinding images.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of ARway, also stated, “ARway is thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge augmented reality navigation to Saudi Arabia’s diverse cultural scene in collaboration with AI Safer and The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts. With the help of technology, tourists will be able to experience museums and other attractions in whole new ways, increasing the educational, engaging, and fun aspects of each visit.”

Moreover, the CEO explained how the deal with AI Safer “showcases the global scale of our technology and the continued increase in demand we’ve been seeing throughout the world for various use cases and industries.” 


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