SriLankan Airlines introduces eco-friendly amenities in Business Class

Comfort meets sustainability in Business Class as SriLankan Airlines introduces new eco-friendly pillow covers and headrest covers (antimacassars) made from recycled PET plastic (rPET). This progressive move underscores the airline’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint as a sustainability-forward organization, while continuing to provide customers with the highest standards of quality.

The new amenities are sourced from Procurall Solutions, a leader in designing and developing comfort and care solutions for the world’s top airlines. The pillow covers and antimacassars are made entirely from sustainable polyester, created from recycled PET plastic. This not only helps reduce plastic pollution but also conserves natural resources. Additionally, the production process of rPET is more energy-efficient, providing an added environmental benefit.

Beyond the significant environmental benefits, the new pillow covers and antimacassars also feature a luxurious design, offering both style and comfort at 30,000 feet. Made from soft, durable and breathable fabric, they ensure maximum comfort and relaxation for passengers.

The switch to rPET amenities demonstrates SriLankan Airlines’ enduring commitment to promoting sustainable operations for a greener future. These new items will complement the eco-friendly carpets introduced onboard a few months ago, as the airline takes gradual steps towards converting to fully sustainable cabins.


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