Trevolution Group Chooses India to build NDC Team of Excellence

Revolution Group, which operates International Travel Network, Asaptickets , Skyluxtravel, Aviajet, and other travel brands, announces plans to implement new distribution capabilities (NDC) in its ticket distribution by partnering with a world leading NDC aggregator.
Following this, a highly specialized, local NDC Team of
Excellence is to be built. It is expected that Trevelution group will be able to provide its clients with more customized offers by early 2023, and that over 180,000 bookings will be made within the first year alone.

NDC is a travel industry standard used by airlines, aggregators, and travel sellers for distributing and selling flight content. The benefits of full integration of NDC include transparent data sharing and better pricing structures and bringing retail capabilities to life through dynamic and more personalized content. The Group operates in the country through Dyninno India, which employs close to
500 people. it incorporates the travel businesses of the Dyninno Group of companies, which provide products and services in the finance, travel, and entertainment sectors.
Trevolution Group has established itself as the market leader in the travel business, specializing in the ‘visiting friends and relatives’ segment. Over 70,000 airline tickets and vacation packages are sold by Trevolution Group’s companies monthly, which makes it the
fifth-largest travel consolidator in the US.


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