A Sensory Journey at Club Med Seychelles


Club Med Seychelles is nothing short of the heart of paradise, an ideal haven for the discerning traveller seeking an unforgettable fusion of nature and hospitality. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a snorkelling adventure with sea turtles, or indulge in plethora of activities they have to offer. This resort promises the ultimate tropical escape, where every moment is a blend of adventure and luxury.

Bharti Sharma

It’s not often in life that you discover a resort that genuinely feels like a home away from home, but Club Med Seychelles achieved that for me. Why do I call it a home away from home? Because the unparalleled comfort, personalised attention, and genuine warmth I received during my stay were simply extraordinary. Seychelles, a dream destination for countless travellers, has always enchanted visitors with its unique allure. Club Med, celebrated for its prime locations across the globe, has truly exceeded expectations with this exceptional gem.

Unravelling surprises at every turn

Despite all the meticulous research I did online before my stay, nothing could have truly prepared me for the enchanting magic of Club Med Seychelles. Nestled on the private Saint Anne Island within a protected national marine park, just a short and scenic boat trip from Mahé, this resort is perfectly positioned in paradise. As a lover of the jungle, beach, and mountains, I found this destination to be the ultimate fulfilment of all my vacation dreams.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice something unique – no room keys. Instead, you wear a band throughout your stay that doubles as your room key. “It’s like wearing a Wonder Woman band with superpowers!” I mused as I put mine on. My room had a stunning view with trees reaching up to my third-floor balcony and a vast expanse of ocean beyond. It was like living in a treehouse by the sea.

Authentic Interactions

Arshley, our charming GO (Gentil Organisateur), personally greeted us with cocktails, a champagne reception, and a smile that could light up the entire resort. From the moment we arrived, she and her fellow GOs went above and beyond to ensure our stay was perfect and comfortable. Most of my meals were shared with GOs, and engaging in delightful conversations with them made me feel deeply connected to the property.

At Club Med, I wasn’t just a guest; I was a GM (Gentils Membres). I was immersed in an environment curated to make everything feel personalised and special. Club Med is all about fostering real connections. “It’s not your typical, stereotypical hospitality brand. It’s genuine and focused on creating real interactions,” Arshley told me during one of our chats. This emphasis on authentic relationships set the resort apart and made my stay truly unforgettable.

Something for Everybody

The constant elements at the resort were their unparalleled hospitality, endless fun, and dynamic engagement. My days at Club Med Seychelles were never the same. The property buzzes with vibrant energy, with parties lighting up the beach, restaurants, and pool. The food is incredible, but don’t worry about overindulging – Pilates, yoga, aqua gym, and cardio will keep you fit. Whether you’re with your partner, family, or friends, there are great bonding activities, from hikes and sailing to sunset kayaking and archery. “There’s always something new to try!” exclaimed a fellow guest I met at yoga. The variety of activities ensures everyone finds their perfect slice of paradise.

Not just an island, but world of experiences

The resort is vast, and you can always use a buggy when you’re all decked up for dinners and amazing beach parties, but consider taking walks because it’s so lush and green. The buggies are driven by GOs, and I often found my snorkelling instructor or gym instructor driving them, making for interesting conversations. “It’s like everyone here wears multiple hats,” I joked with one of the GOs.

The My Club Med app made it easy for me to plan my day with activities that piqued my interest. They have a dress code for every night, so download the app before your travel to pack accordingly. Even if you forget something, you can buy it from the resort. I got myself an amazing Club Med shirt celebrating the brand’s 45th anniversary. “Best souvenir ever!” I laughed as I showed it off.

Enchanting experience on the ground as well as Underwater

Exploring Club Med Seychelles was a journey of enchantment both on land and underwater. Active hikes unveiled breathtaking views, offering a variety of trails to suit every adventurer. For a gentler start to the day, leisurely morning walks around the island provided moments to soak in nature’s finest. Sporting enthusiasts found delight in the full-size tennis courts, prompting one guest to jest, “Who knew I’d play tennis in paradise?”

Make sure to capture moments with the resort’s VVIPs – Beyoncé, Shakira, and Coco, the resident giant tortoises. These gentle giants add a touch of whimsy and wonder to your Seychelles experience.

Snorkelling at Club Med Seychelles was an unparalleled highlight. Guided by experienced and accommodating staff, we delved into the vibrant marine world where fish darted among stunning coral formations. The pinnacle of this experience was encountering a curious sea turtle, its graceful glide capturing our hearts for the entire 45 minutes underwater. “This feels surreal,” I whispered, completely absorbed by the mesmerising beauty beneath the waves.

Savouring the exquisite cuisine

Indulging at Club Med Seychelles is a journey through culinary excellence. As an all-inclusive resort, it caters to every desire, whether lounging on the beach with cocktails, perfecting your aqua gym skills, or savouring exquisite cuisine. Beyond the main restaurant, Turtle Cove, which offers an international buffet, and The Reef Beach Lounge, each dish is a testament to freshness and local sourcing, highlighting a variety of fish, including the daily catch.

The live Italian counter is a standout, offering freshly baked pizzas and pastas with new flavours daily. The expansive menu ensures there’s something for every palate, from vibrant salads to bespoke dishes tailored to your dietary preferences. “Every meal is a culinary adventure,” I enthused, marvelling at the diversity and quality of each dining experience.

Reflecting on my transformative journey at Club Med Seychelles, I find myself overwhelmed by the depth of emotions stirred by this remarkable experience. The seamless blend of French sophistication and Seychellois warmth enveloped me from the moment I arrived. Each day unfolded like a cherished chapter in a storybook, filled with vibrant activities and moments of quiet awe amidst the island’s natural splendour.

Leaving as a Club Med Loyal

Hans Christian Andersen once wrote, ‘To travel is to live’, and never have these words rung truer than during my time here. The days passed in a blur of exploration and relaxation, leaving me yearning for more. The connections forged with fellow travellers and the attentive staff, epitomised by the thoughtful gestures of the GOs, made me feel not just welcomed, but truly at home.

As I bid farewell to this sanctuary, I couldn’t help but feel a pang of longing. The memories of snorkelling amidst kaleidoscopic marine life, indulging in exquisite cuisine at Turtle Cove, and gazing at breathtaking sunsets over Sainte Anne Island will forever be etched in my heart. Club Med Seychelles isn’t just a resort; it’s a sanctuary where adventure, tranquillity, and luxury converge seamlessly.

In short, Club Med Seychelles offers an unparalleled eco-chic retreat, perfect for families and adventurers alike. It’s a haven where every moment is crafted to inspire and rejuvenate, leaving you with cherished memories and a profound sense of belonging. Leaving this paradise, I departed not only as a guest but as part of a cherished community—a testament to the enduring magic of this extraordinary destination.


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