Outbound Marketing has appointed a new Associate Director of Sales for Naad Wellness

Outbound Marketing  Pvt. Ltd has appointed Ms. Rajen Deol as Associate Director of Sales, Naad Wellness.

Rajen has 25 years of successful work experience with marquee multi-national companies like KLM, American Express, and International SOS. She also founded a quintessential Travel Company catering to a bespoke travel experience. Her key strengths are in Business Leadership, Service Delivery, and Customer Relationship Management. Additionally, Ms. Deol has been a mentor in Training and Quality.

In her current role as Associate Director of Sales, Naad Wellness she will play an integral role in establishing and strengthening the Sales and Marketing vertical. She will create new relationships and maintain strong customer relations to generate repeat business.

Her other passions are sports and fitness, an avid reader, a painter, and a keen photographer. She loves to explore new places with a desire to travel the globe!


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