Why must Bahrain be on your checklist for your next vacation?

Bahrain is a beautiful country brimming with mesmerizing ancient history, rich culture, and breath-taking architecture. One unique fact about Bahrain, it is the only island nation in the Middle East which makes it quite exotic as a travel destination.

Bahrain is a land of ancient forts casting romantic silhouettes in the twilight. But that’s not all, Bahrain is home to some of the most luxurious five-star hotels, pristine sandy beaches, extensive shopping complexes, and also the Bahrain International Circuit which is famous for its Formula 1 races and gastronomic experiences.

When in Bahrain, you can discover Bahrain’s legacy, by diving to seek amazing treasures and find undiscovered wealth during a pearl diving experience. It is well-known that Bahrain is the world’s premier location for natural pearls.

You can also try to defy gravity by experiencing the feeling of the “free fall” at “Gravity”, the first-ever indoor skydiving facility in Bahrain with the tallest wind tunnel in the world. Kids and adults both are welcome to experience this thrill.

If you are in Bahrain with your kids, Go-karting on the track of the Bahrain International Circuit is a great experience. Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) is a must-visit automobile venue located in the desert region of Sakhir.  It also holds events such as drag racing, the GP2 Series, and the annual Bahrain Grand Prix, BIC.

When it comes to unique wonders Bahrain is home to the very rare mystical and magical ‘Tree Of Life’ which is a tree that is over 400 years in the Sakhir desert. This remarkable natural wonder stands alone on top of a 25-foot hill. With no source of water, in the heart of the desert, the tree is 32 feet tall and growing despite the high temperatures and arid climate. The tree is a local attraction, visited by approximately 50,000 tourists every year.

For the history buffs out there, Bahrain is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites and has a history dating back to the ancient Dilmun civilization. The 3 sites recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites are the Pearling Path, Qal’at-al-Bahrain, and the Dilmun Burial Mounds. The destination is rich in Arabic culture, which is reflected through its architecture, mosques, and souqs. There are many places you can visit in Bahrain where one can experience their rich heritage and culture like the Arad Fort, Bahrain Fort, Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort, and the Al Fateh Mosque.

Next, Bahrain’s shopping experience is like no other. With iconic shopping malls and traditional marketplaces, shopping in Bahrain is a matter of fun and excitement. If you are interested in buying gold, Souq Al Manama is the place you want to visit. The top-notch malls in Bahrain will give you a world-class shopping experience. Some of the shopping must-visits are Moda Mall, The Avenues, Gold Souq, City Centre Bahrain, Dragon City, Capital Mall, Seef Mall etc.

Bahrain is overflowing with incredible food options from traditional Bahraini cuisine, fine-dining, to burger places. A unique place recommended to visit is Block 338. Here you can discover a wealth of rooftop restaurants, cafes, shops, and al fresco dining. It wouldn’t be a successful holiday if you didn’t try the local delicacies.


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