Explore Kerala with CSMIA’s Digital carnival-‘Aaghosham 2021’

Explore Kerala with CSMIA’s Digital carnival-‘Aaghosham 2021’

The year 2021 started out on a positive note with the initiation of vaccination drives across countries, including India. It brought a hope of an imminent return to normalcy enabling the ability to meet family and friends, to explore and travel amongst other plans without fear of the virus. While the onslaught of the second wave in the country has put a stop to most of the plans, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) is striving to indulge the desire for adventure by bringing forth a digital carnival that can be enjoyed from a place of comfort and safety.

CSMIA’s Jaya HE Museum is India’s largest public art initiative consisting of hitherto unknown or forgotten traditional arts and crafts from every corner of the country which is displayed in the airport’s majestic Terminal 2. Jaya HE is hosting the third edition of its carnival series in the form of a month-long digital festival, ‘Aaghosham 2021’, celebrating the rich culture and heritage of Kerala by taking you on a journey of the unexplored beauty of ‘God’s Own Country’. This includes exploring the indigenous elements of the state such as its cultural diversity, including history, society, art & crafts, people, food, festivals, textiles, tourism, and architecture of Kerala amongst others.

To showcase the grandeur of Kerala, Jaya HE has collaborated with multiple partners including Utkarsh Patel as Mythology content partner, United Way of Mumbai as philanthropy partner and is also bringing Anvaya and Kathanika as the content partner and storytelling partner once again this year. The festival is being hosted on Jaya He and CSMIA’s Instagram and Facebook handles and here’s what it brings to you:

Expand Your Horizons

Famed as “God’s own country”, Kerala is a land of cultural diversity with a blend of various religions, communities and regional cultures. This diversity was created by its unique geographic features that enabled international trade from early times and migration from neighbouring states. Aaghoshamfocuses on the cultural diversity that makes the state unique.

Savour the Flavours

Kerala’s local cuisine is a tantalizing burst of flavors. With domestic and international influences on its cuisines, Kerala offers an extensive array for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Aaghosham will introduce you to not just the authentic cuisines, exotic herbs and spices that thrive in the lands of its coastal region but also to little known snippets of food history.

On the beat

Aaghosham introduces you to Kerala’s rich heritage of performing arts that narrate the stories of historical and mythical warriors, heroes as well as that of the common man. Bringing you a visual delight through its stories on Theyyam and Kathakali, this year’s carnival provides a superlative experience through conversations with renowned musicians.

Explore the tropical paradise of Southern India

The entire expanse of Kerala is blessed with beauty, unmissable attractions, and some of the most scenic places to visit. The carnival will give tourists a sneak peek into the green haven; from the lush hill stations on the Western Ghats to scenic shores by the Arabian Sea, from the backwaters to the wildlife sanctuaries, lush tea gardens to roaring waterfalls, soothing Ayurvedic resorts to the bustling festivals. Aaghosham will, no doubt, introduce you to newer places to visit, performances to watch, and food to eat as well as create for you a wish list that has the best of what the State has to offer.

What not to miss

  • Kerala celebrates a wide variety of festivals with pomp and grandeur. Aaghosham will give you an insight on these festivals including Onam, Vishu, Thrissur Pooram, Vallam Kali and many more and provides a rich experience of vibrant colors, exotic fragrances, scintillating music, and century-long traditions.
  • Delve into the state’s film and literary world through Instagram Live sessions and posts as Aaghosham brings alive the poetry and cinematic excellence of Kerala.
  • Kerala’s architecture is a blend of the traditional design aesthetic and science. Tune in toAaghoshamas the carnival explores the evolution of Kerala’s architectural styles including the impact of stalwarts like Laurie Baker amongst others.
  • The month-long festival further focuses on Kerala’s impeccable craftsmanship, design, colours and simplicity in their Textile and Handloom and handicrafts which has a history of skilled artisans whose families have been in the profession for centuries.

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