A trip down the Island Country – Indonesia

The perfect destination for travellers looking for peace, excitement and a little swim between the fishes, the country of islands is a paradise for beach lovers.

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The island country of Indonesia consists of over 17000 islands scattered across beautiful pastures, catering to a variety of flora and fauna with titbits of wildlife and locals that win your hearts instantly. The greatest natural phenomenon in the world has an island in every corner and is a bliss to the eyes. Including Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java and parts of Borneo and New Guinea, Indonesia is the home to volcanoes with treks and jungles with breath-taking solace. Not to forget the favourite destination for honeymooners these days – Bali, an island that has all the glitz and glam including the serene touch of the clouds hovering over beaches and scattered island villas.


Reaching the edge of the beach

A day drenched in the salty water of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean with margaritas followed by a relaxing massage by professionals that declutter your knots to the tee is the perfect vacay experience. The best time to travel to Indonesia is during the dry season! From May to September the days are hot, dry, and there’s not a rain cloud in sight. You’ll have excellent weather for scuba diving, hiking, and lazy days at the beach. A flight to Jakarta or Bali is the best way to start the journey in moving frames.

As a traveller in Indonesia, this country offers endless exploration and diversity. One can travel to destination that will brighten up your mood and expose your senses to a holiday that creates a mark. Modern cities and areas like Jakarta and Bali to remote areas with some of the world’s last great adventure like Komodo National Park, the country of islands has it all!

Cities that top the list

Indonesia is a hub for island lovers, but the most unique part about this country is the amount of adventure, treks, and all sorts of interesting rolodex it offers.

Gili Islands – A trio of picture-perfect islands that string their way out between Lombok and Bali in the middle of the Nusa Tenggara archipelago, the Gilis are often hailed as the most quintessential tropical spots on the planet. The two smaller islands, Gili Air and GiliMeno, are secluded and laid-back; places where the occasional bamboo Eco lodge hides in the mangroves and stretches of shell-spotted sand down to a sea of aquamarine blue. Its ramshackle bars are built of driftwood, and pulse with the energy of backpackers from all over the globe. By day, they sizzle off their hangovers on the pearly beaches, or hit the seas in search of rare turtles. By night, they guzzle beers and buckets and party till dawn.

Bali – A place that really needs no introduction, Bali has long been a mecca for travellers eager to experience the mysterious east, and while the influx of Aussies and Brits have taken over spots like Kuta in the south, there does remain pockets of the earthy and aga (ancient) Bali. The jungle-shrouded town of Ubud in the heart of the regency; a place of cascading rice paddies and crumbling Hindu shrines now taken over by crab-eating macaques provides the travellers with a unique experience. In the north you will find the great volcanos of Kintamani, to watch the sunrise overlooking Lombok isle in the east. You could also just surf and party your days away on the beaches of Bukit and Nusa Dua. Apart from all the fun activities that Bali has instore, the most mesmerising is swimming amongst the fishes.

Komodo- Sun-baked Komodo is a wild and inhospitable place. Isolated between the cobalt seas and corals of the Lesser Sunda chain, it’s known as the home of the world’s largest living lizard: the aptly-named Komodo dragon. However, that great stalking beast is just one of the attractions, and today travellers come to witness the rugged hills and dust-caked backcountry as it tumbles down to pink-hued beaches and shore waters laden with rays, sea turtles, pygmy seahorses and rainbowfish.

Sit back and relax

Ever thought of a wellness retreat in Indonesia? One from which you return rejuvenated, feeling healthier, happier, and fitter? Spending a few days in this invigorating hideaway will give you the chance to catch your breath and give something back to your body. Pass your time meditating by a beach, taking yoga classes as the sun sets, feasting on organic and delectable Indonesian food, and indulging in traditional massage treatments to emerge relaxed, revived, and ready to hit the road again.

With a peace-loving outlook, a glorious coastline, and the perfect atmosphere to heal, Indonesia is the place to set about some serious self-restoring and initiating your own holistic wellness. Be it buried in the countryside next to the river Ayung, or tucked away in the hills beyond Ubud- the settings combine healthy cooking workshops and luxurious days of herbal scrubs, wraps and massages that will surely be something to make your soul sing.

Here for the food!

Food is more than survival. With it, we make friends, court lovers, and count our blessings. Food is one of the most powerful connective tools we have. We build our bonds with friends and family over dinners, we go to restaurants on dates, we prepare food for others and with others. This particular aspect of food- the community that comes with it- is especially revered in Indonesia.

The way food is served in Indonesia is unique. The most characteristic aspect of Indonesian culture is that meals are always consumed in company. Indonesia and Indonesian cuisine is a melting pot of culinary influences and ingredients.

Facts to know

  • Indonesia is home to over 100 endangered animals.
  • The world’s biggest flower is found in Indonesia.
  • The country is a home to over 700 different languages and dialects.
  • Indonesia is the hottest spot on the Pacific Ring of Fire

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