Off-beat experiences in Utah

Utah is known for Mighty 5 National Park and hiking opportunities around the state. Utah is much more than its national park and hike, it has many things for all types of travelers. Whether you are looking for adrenaline to relaxed activity, from rugged canyons to spa & wellness, they got you covered!

Unique experiences in Utah:

  • Slot Canyons – The narrow gorges in soft rocks like Utah’s layered sedimentary deposits. Discover the best slot canyons of Utah ranging from roadside strolls to guided canyoneering in permit-only, highly technical channels. One of the truly classic hiking trails in the United States, let alone the world, Buckskin Gulch swerves through a subterranean paradise for the senses. Attempt this visually-arresting walk as a day trip, or walk the entire 20 miles over the course of four days. On most Southern Utah bucket lists, you’ll find the local favorite one-two punch of Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Slot Canyons. These magnificent hikes, located in the Dry Fork area of the Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument area, can be done individually, but they make for a killer loop you can tackle in one afternoon of adventure.
  • River Rafting– Rafting a river can take you to some of the most remote places on Earth, filled with the darkest star-filled skies anywhere. Some of the most famous runs include the wild whitewater of Westwater and Cataract Canyons (class IV-V) on the Colorado River, the Gates of Lodore and Desolation Canyon (class III-IV) on the Green River, and the Upper and Lower stretches (class III) of the San Juan River. But it’s not just the whitewater that Utah’s rivers are famous for. There are also flat water stretches of these rivers that access secluded canyons like Labyrinth Canyon (Canyonlands National Park), Ruby and Horse Thief Canyon, the lower Provo River, the Little Grand Canyon, and many more.

  • Stargazing- Utah has the highest concentration of International Dark-Sky Association-certified locations, including communities, parks, and protected areas. When we look into the dark skies with unaided eyes, nearly every star we see is within our galaxy. Perhaps it’s no wonder that so many of us are drawn to look toward the Milky Way, whether it’s simply to soak in its beauty or be changed in a way that is truly transformative. Of course, you’ll want to take note of the weather and avoid nights where cloud cover is prevalent or potential storms are on the horizon.
  • Mountain Biking- Utah has made a name for itself when it comes to mountain biking. High-altitude tracks run through alpine forests in Northern Utah, and southern trails wind through red cliffs to panoramic desert views. Riders at every level can find great riding across the entire state. Utah mountain biking conjures visions of Moab’s fabled trails, Slickrock, Porcupine Rim, and Amasa back. These classic rides rightfully have a place in Mountain Biking’s hall of fame.
  • Dinosaurs History- With fossil records of more dinosaur species than any other state and the most complete record of prehistoric life of any geographic area on the planet, Utah offers one of the world’s largest collections of mounted dinosaur skeletons interspersed among actual discovery sites. No matter where you go in Utah, you aren’t far from a significant museum, archeological dig, or former home to these astounding creatures. The George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park is the place to bring that dream to life, with 100-plus exhibits and realistic, full-sized dinosaur replicas, capturing the imagination of young and old alike. The Past Worlds exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah is definitely a highlight.
  • Festivals- Utah is a hub of festivals. Hosted in Park City, Sundance Film Festival is one of the largest independent film festivals in the world. With additional venue locations in Salt Lake City, Ogden and the Sundance Mountain Resort, and great access to some of the best skiing in the world, it only makes sense to pair the festival’s promising films with more Utah experiences. The Tony Award-winning festival has brought The Bard’s plays to Cedar City stages since the early 1960s. The Utah Shakespearean Festival produced its first season on a makeshift platform. Now the Tony Award-winning festival operates with a $7 million budget and attracts nearly 130,000 people to Cedar City.
  • Spa & Wellness- Relax and rejuvenate in one of Utah’s luxurious spas. Plan a visit after an epic powder day or big canyoneering adventure, or just set aside a day to pamper yourself. The areas in and around Utah’s Mighty 5 national parks provide abundant opportunities and resources for focusing on wellness. Dream-like turquoise waters, spectacular natural formations, and the healing waters of nature’s finest mineral cocktail are just some of the charms an adventure to Utah’s thermal waters bring.



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