Cordelia Cruises Marks One Year in India: Completes 100+ Sails and Host Over 1,00,000 Guests

Carving a niche for domestic cruising in India, Cordelia Cruises has recorded a great journey in India. After having successfully completed 100+ sailings along both the east and the west coast of India, covering 7 ports in total, doing 300 plus shows, and serving more than 100,000 guests in the last 12 months of operation, Cordelia Cruises has positioned itself as one of the most preferred cruises in the country.

Commenting on the Indian cruising scenario and his experiences, Jurgen Bailom – President and CEO – Cordelia Cruises explains “Our goal with the Indian market was to create change and make cruising a top priority on every traveler’s wishlist and looking at the numbers, we can certainly confirm that we have been successful. We are overjoyed and humbled in equal measure with the response we have received since our launch. Families come in large numbers, weddings and important events are being hosted on board and guests are making memories of a lifetime through the stellar food, entertainment, and destination experiences being offered by Cordelia Cruises. We’re onto a great journey in the Indian market and we will continue to work towards curating top-notch experiences for our guests.”

In the midst of the pandemic, Cordelia Cruises dared to venture into India as the first ever and exclusive domestic cruising experience. Today the cruise sails across the western coast covering Mumbai, Goa, Kochi, and Lakshadweep along with the eastern coast covering Chennai and Visakhapatnam.

Aiming to meet their customer’s expectation of a perfect cruise, Cordelia Cruises provide them with an experience that is all about comfort, exclusivity, and novelty. From dishes that are curated by the top chefs of India to providing entertainment facilities that beautifully incorporate the Indian culture such as classic Indian melodies along with the Bollywood Bash onboard that makes the overall experience the best of both worlds, Cordelia Cruises unlocks a whole new experience for travel and hospitality.

Bullish on the potential of cruising in India, Cordelia Cruises aims to acquire at least three cruise ships by 2025 and thus encourage the cruising economy in India.


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