Experiencing the latest in water sports innovation: E-Surfing!

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa and its Signature Collection have come together with Deep Blue, the resort as their Water sports partner Deep Blue, to release an exhilarating experience: E-Surfing. This new craze involves being propelled through the water on a motorized, electric surfboard. Though there are no great surfing spots in North Maldives, this is an excellent alternative for guests looking to have some surfing fun while experiencing the latest in water sports innovation.

Whether you’re looking to master a new skill or perfect your technique at an existing sport, there is plenty to keep thrill-seekers and sports enthusiasts entertained at this exclusive all-suite Maldives resort where space and privacy is key. You can enjoy a game of Golf at the state-of-the-art in-house Golf Simulator, work up a sweat in their extensive gym, take a gander at windsurfing, jump around a floating aqua park, and more. As a large, spacious island with a year-round tropical Maldivian summer, it’s also the perfect location for doing outdoor activities such as running to keep fit and healthy – even if on vacation.

With this as an addition to the already great number of recreational activities available at the resort, this is yet another exciting experience that adds to the Hideaway guarantee to be one of the leading recreation resorts in the Maldives with many novel offerings for guests to enjoy.


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