Collinson’s innovation journey in India

In a dynamic and rapidly evolving travel landscape, Collinson stands at the forefront of innovation, guided by principles of adaptation, customer-centricity, and strategic collaboration. Sumit Prakash, Country Director, India and South Asia, Collinson shares insights into Collinson’s transformative journey, where diversity drives innovation, market insights shape strategy, and strategic partnerships enhance the travel experience.

In an era marked by rapid digital transformation and evolving consumer expectations, the travel industry faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

Embracing diversity for innovation

Sumit emphasises the significance of diversity in ideas and perspectives within Collinson’s operations. He shares, “Cultivating a team that is empowered to share ideas and innovate allows us to stay ahead of the curve.” This ethos underscores Collinson’s commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace culture, where diverse perspectives fuel creativity and drive innovation. By embracing diversity, Collinson leverages a rich tapestry of insights to design market-leading experiences tailored to the Indian consumer.

Staying ahead through market insights

Collinson’s success in the region is anchored in its ability to stay abreast of industry trends and consumer preferences. Sumit explains, “Innovation is part of our DNA, underscoring Collinson’s proactive approach to research and insights. Their recent Asia Pacific consumer insights report sheds light on evolving consumer expectations, guiding strategic decision-making. By leveraging data-driven insights, Collinson crafts tailored solutions that resonate with the unique needs and aspirations of Indian travellers.”

Strengthening partnerships for seamless experiences

Collinson’s strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in enhancing travel experiences for consumers. Sumit highlights collaborations with PineLabs and Poshvine, and shares, “These partnerships are instrumental in augmenting the travel experience for our members. By integrating seamlessly with leading platforms, Collinson ensures hassle-free access to a network of airport lounges and curated travel experiences. Such collaborations reflect Collinson’s commitment to delivering value-added services through strategic alliances.”

Adapting to evolving consumer expectations

The pandemic and digital transformations have reshaped consumer expectations in the travel space. Sumit acknowledges this shift and shares, “Today, the discerning modern traveller seeks sophisticated, personalized experiences.” Collinson’s response to this paradigm shift involves continuous adaptation and innovation. Through robust research and strategic foresight, Collinson anticipates evolving trends and delivers tailored solutions that resonate with today’s empowered travellers.”

Overcoming challenges with resilience

Amidst the uncertainties posed by the pandemic, Collinson navigates challenges with resilience and agility. Sumit shares, “It is our constant endeavour to better engage and meet the needs of modern travellers.” By prioritising customer-centricity and forging strong partnerships, Collinson mitigates the impact of disruptions while driving meaningful innovation. Through adaptive strategies and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Collinson continues to redefine the future of travel in India and beyond.

As Collinson continues to navigate challenges and opportunities, its unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that travellers in India and beyond embark on journeys enriched by seamless experiences and unparalleled value.







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