Nova – a new resort in the heart of Maldives

Nova stands for a modern all-inclusive community concept, a laidback place with a soul that sparks joy and is designed for millennial travelers and real connections. On the all-natural island, guests can enjoy bucket list wholesome experiences in the heart of the Maldives’ renowned South Ari Atoll.

Pulse Hotels & Resorts announces the opening of its newest addition to its portfolio, Nova Maldives.

Located in the heart of the South Ari Atoll, just 25 minutes away by seaplane from the Velana International Airport, Nova is an all-natural island with a soul that sparks joy and is designed for real connection with a modern all-inclusive community concept. Nova believes in a greater calling than simply a lifestyle holiday destination, it’s where people can live in the moment and immerse themselves into the spirit of the Maldives and the vibrant Nova community.

The world-famous South Ari Atoll is one of the biggest atolls in the Maldives and is known for its spectacular diving sites and as a scuba diver’s ultimate playground with regular sightings of whale sharks, Manta rays, shark points, and some impressive shipwrecks. Nova is located in the heart of the atoll, and the underwater world surrounding Nova and its incredible house reef is known for its breathtaking marine life – a nature’s playground for water lovers that give a treat for the soul underwater. But here’s where the main attraction is – located near SAMPA (South Ari Marine Protected Areas) Nova is the ultimate destination for all avid divers and snorkelers. There are a few destinations in the world where in-season whale shark sightings are guaranteed – Nova happens to be one of them.

While at Nova, you are bound to encounter the magnificent Manta rays and the whale sharks throughout the year around the Nova waters as well as a plethora of colorful fish, eagle rays, and various types of sharks. Swim or glide alongside the gentle giants of the ocean – a meditative, soul-filling, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Your soul place
The all-natural island boasts 76 spacious over-water and beach villas with 10 categories designed for the ultimate stay, whether you travel with your significant other, solo, with loved ones, friends or family, each villa is designed with utmost care in contemporary minimalist design to ensure that your stay is a blissful one. Private terraces and endless ocean views? Check. Pared-back interiors awash with custom-made furniture and well-stocked fridges (generously replenished daily)? Check, check and check. Everything is built using natural materials to blend in perfect harmony with the lush tropical surroundings. With fast WiFi and surround sound TV, stay as connected as you wish or disconnect completely in the rainfall shower, king-size bed, and inspiring surroundings. Turn off your phone, kick off your shoes and relax. At Nova, nothing feels as good as taking the day at your own pace, especially with such a view.

Feed your soul
At Soul Kitchen, Nova’s relaxed all-day dining buffet venue, guests can savor the freshest flavors from around the world in a light and bright setting. Additionally, there are two à la carte restaurants: Flames, Nova’s Grill House, the go-to place for the most delicious and succulent grilled local fish, seafood, and fine meat dishes, and the absolute foodie highlight, Mizu. The overwater Teppanyaki experience with live cooking stations is where you can spoil yourself with a signature menu with fresh tropical flavors and seared ocean delights. Whatever your heart desires, Nova promises to not only deliver but make it just right – a love song to your soul.

Into the groove
Nova also brings together and offers a fluid range of experiences for its community to make real connections and moments they’ll remember for a lifetime. The soulful island is always brimming with activities whether it is pool parties at Solis Pool Bar, evening gatherings for communal snacks, DJs, and party nights at the main bar, Wink, our guests are never out of options for entertainment and part of a community that connects and experiences Nova and the Maldives together.

Rejuvenate your soul
Pamper your body, mind, and soul at Eskape Spa, nested over-water with breathtaking views of the Nova lagoon. The spa at Nova will take you through a holistic wellness journey to reconnect and awaken your senses, by featuring four blissful treatment rooms with an indulging choice of organic oils, a Thai Sala, and a yoga pavilion. The Nova wellness experts also offer a host of holistic spa rituals using luxurious organic products and tailor-made wellness programs to the good souls at Nova to enhance their body’s and soul’s wellbeing and restore moments of mindfulness.

Playful soul
Nova’s water sports and dive center ‘Aquaholics’ boasts a world-class PADI aqua team and a resident Marine Biologist who are all equipped to provide a wide range of water activities, all set to give you the experience of a lifetime at any of the 40+ dive sites around the island within a 30-minute boat ride from Nova. Besides jet skiing, parasailing, waterski, wakeboarding, fun rides, kayak, SUP, kite and windsurfing, and Topcat sailing, Nova guests can also engage in some community-filled activities like beach volleyball, tennis, football, and not to forget a state-of-the-art fitness center. There is enough for the love of a physical soul too!

Nova cares
Environment protection and sustainability are at the heart of the Nova soul. The resident marine team is dedicated to leading coral adoption initiatives, and Nova also promotes a guest program to support and protect nature initiatives. Using organic and biodegradable materials has further enhanced Nova’s commitment to saving the sensitive reef structures and the nature within the island. Nova’s key values of being responsible include minimizing its carbon footprint by reducing the island’s waste and energy consumption. All water waste and glass are recycled, food composted, items responsibly packaged, energy saved through smart room controls, and printed collateral radically reduced by the mobile app and interactive systems.

Nova Nation
At Nova, they believe in being part of the community and being rooted in the Maldivian history and culture, creatively indulging in promoting local artforms and experiences for its guests. Nova guests will experience regular cultural interactions and performances of authentic Maldivian artists, savor Maldivian food, including food tasting and cookery classes, learn from local artisans and manufacturers, or simply enrich their souls by a visit to the nearby cultural heritage village to immerse themselves in traditional island life.

Nova is geared up to bring playful and curious experiences into our everyday lives, and strictly abiding by respecting our precious environment by being responsible and smart, it promises to deliver a human connection that touches your soul.

Be it by lounging on the beach, partaking in some fun activities, or indulging in some downtime at the Spa – there’s only ONE thing you need to know about Nova. That at Nova Maldives, you decide what you want to do. Nova is about guests taking the time to do what makes their souls happy. From the moment they step onto the island, the only feeling they experience is pure joy, happiness, and soulful bliss!

Peek into the world of brighter possibilities, elevated encounters, and good soul days with Nova Maldives!


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