Germany records growth in Indian visitors as tourists drawn towards sustainable experiences

Germany, the diverse travel destination, has launched its Autumn/Winter campaign, encouraging travelers to visit, explore, and experience its sustainable and diverse culture. From unspoiled landscapes to authentic cuisine, urban attractions to historical locales, Germany is the ultimate European destination to travel sustainably.

The ‘Feel Good’ campaign encompasses a plethora of guiding tips highlighting the country’s eco-initiatives providing conscious travelers with adequate tools and information on reducing their carbon footprint while touring different regions.

With the German Environment Agency having set the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65 percent by 2030, and complete neutrality by 2045, the German National Tourism Board is consistently supporting this goal through various ongoing initiatives, one of them being the ‘Feel Good‘ Campaign.

“Germany will continue to position itself as one of India’s all-time favorite destinations with easy accessibility and valuable tourism experiences that can cater to all travel desires. For the Indian market, we will focus on creating awareness and offering eco-friendly and sustainable ‘things to do to promote Germany as a responsible and sustainable tourism destination“, said Romit Theophilus, Director of the German National Tourist Office, India.

Under the initiative, states and towns are highlighting their innovative transport solutions, pioneering examples of green architecture, and sprawling parks – all of which ensure an exciting city break that can be enjoyed eco-responsibly. Berlin has an abundance of green hotspots including vegan restaurants and alternative events within the city’s urban oasis; Freiburg features a Plusenergy House, which aims to achieve the world’s best energy values for buildings and represents the efficiency standards expected in the future. The tranquil Black Forest in Deidesheim has long been known for being a hub for local food produce and handmade crafts. At the same time, Celle recently became a certified sustainable destination for its eco-friendly initiatives and practices.

“Germany’s ‘Feel Good’ campaign offers the right advice and tips to enjoy sustainability on the move in the country. Not only can travelers reduce their ecological footprint, but they can also calculate their carbon emissions through our CO2 calculator, ensuring their trip is climate neutral and as sustainable as possible.”

In addition to measuring the carbon footprint of both air and car journeys using a CO2 calculator by, the ideal partner for effective climate protection, travelers can also sponsor carbon offset programs in various countries around the world. These include providing cooking stoves for people in Kenya, reforestation assistance for Nicaraguan farmers, and much more. This compensation initiative was created to help positively shape the future of the world while making the trip as climate neutral as possible.

Germany has a broad range of other locations and activities also available for travelers to explore.


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