Parvada Bungalows launches Parvada Rural Stays, Uttarakhand

If you are excited about a homestay experience, don’t limit yourselves to one homestay ….take in 500 plus acres of the village and 700 plus acres of forest as your experience. The heart of India lies in her villages and Parvada Rural Stays provides this authentic experience. If you’re concerned about sacrificing your comforts, don’t be. The homestay owners are all trained and without compromising on the authentic experience, they will surprise and delight.

Village Parvada is positioning itself as a rural stay experience, with currently 1 homestay in each of the 4 categories. (Luxury/Gold/Silver and Bronze). Parvada Bungalows (luxury) boutique cottages are nestled into the verdant fields and orchards and are built in traditional-style to weather the different seasons.

Kaaphal Homestay (Gold) is located on the edge of the forest and is home to the local village head. Chandra’s Homestay (Silver) is a short but exhilarating walk uphill. She is a fabulous cook and keeps a very clean homestay. Lucky Homestay (Bronze) is hosted by the very charming lady of the house Deepu.

Seasonal activities are all possible such as various farming activities (including milking of cows), plucking fresh fruits from the orchards, cycling, trekking, listening to folk songs over a bonfire, walking around the village and meeting the villagers, or simply relaxing and enjoying the serenity. We encourage our guests to not drive around, but to traverse on foot to reduce their carbon footprint to a bare minimum. The village and its activities are the mainstay of your holiday. We further encourage you to pick a new homestay each day of your stay to experience finger licking local delicacies.

Parvada Bungalows, part of The OMPL Group, is committed to conservation and responsible tourism and is deeply involved in the community here. They are managing the waste, protecting the environment and climate as part of their sustainable development goals. The destination is not just a place, but a new way of doing things.

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