Japan– Where nature, technology and fashion come together!

The country of cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji is home to fashion, technology and delicacies that travel around the world.

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An island country that extends from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north toward the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south. Japan is as beautiful as it gets, with cold colourful winters to fashion-centric hippy summers. The country open arms to all kinds of new technology and makes a point to leave a mark every year with some new and exciting revelation in the market.

While being connected to deep ancient traditions, Japan is one of the leading markets when it comes to the production of cars and electronics and futuristic advancements. The art of living and believing in yourself is something that the people of japan ace at. Whether it’s an earthquake or any force of nature upon them, the people of japan rise and swing right up with powerful minds and wisdom.

Flavours of Japan

The minute someone talks about Japan, all you can think about is mouth–melting sushi, cherry blossom-filled springs and of course anime series that have filled our childhood with drama and action. I would be lying if I said that I don’t have a favourite manga character that makes my heart stop. Japanese have brought a great deal of style to the world. Whether it’s the leading Y2K fashion or Japanese dramas, the world is gushing with the flavours of Japan and not only with the cuisine.

The capital city Tokyo captures the essence of modernity and technology that Japan needs to offer. Where you can see people pacing up and down the streets with gadgets that will blow your mind and punctuality like a shot of a bullet. Things like the bullet train, ramen and sushi vendors, local markets with some lip-smacking dishes brings the city together and invite travellers and tourists to a joyride.

Famous for iconic monuments like Hachiko and Gundam statues, skyscrapers such as Tokyo Skytree and futuristic tech havens like Odaiba and Akihabara Tokyo is bustling with travellers all year long. One of the most cherished possession for Japan is Mount Fuji. The beautiful stratovolcano is a treat for the eyes as well as the soul. A popular hiking spot in the climbing season from July to September, the mountain has four trails, the most popular being the Yoshida trail. Not to forget the trails are drenched in cherry blossoms that keeps the climb a picture right out of an anime series.

Food for thought

A country that has more Michelin stars than France, is home to some of the finest food choices. From top-notch ramen eateries to sushi conveyor belts to robot-run restaurants, Japan has many creative ways of serving your dinner. The most famous Japanese food is sushi, typically eaten with soy sauce and wasabi. Beyond this, Japan is known for a vast range of gastronomic delights: noodle dishes like soba and udon, rice bowls with deep-fried shrimp tempura and pork katsudon, grilled chicken skewers of yakitori that go well with a cup of sake, and desserts like mochi and teriyaki that are just the right amount of sweet. One can never pass the opportunity to have a piping-hot bowl of Japanese ramen and to slurp the noodles loudly to show appreciation to the chef.

Something that makes all our lives a little better, Japan is known for its tea-loving and drinking culture, especially when it comes to green tea or matcha. Rich in antioxidants, green tea is the most popular type of tea in Japan. During tea ceremonies, powdered green tea is traditionally prepared inside a tea room with tatami floors. A big shoutout to all the tea to pack their bags and be swept by the amazing variety that the Japanese have to offer.

Shop for good

If you are looking for taking back souvenirs or just grab the right things for a fashionable street excursion, step right into a world of takoyaki and affordable shopping finds in Osaka. Glittering lights and streets filled with people full of energy the city is famous for delicious food markets like Kuromon Market, vibrant shopping arcades like Dotonbori, iconic photo-taking spots like the Glico Running Man and KaniDoraku crab signs, and popular day-trips to Osaka Castle and Universal Studios Japan. Don’t forget to look for Don Quixote branches and 100-yen shops around the city to hoard some amazing gifts to take back home.

Technology that will make your life easier and gadgets that are cooler than anything you will find. Japan is the epitome of inventions and discoveries, with something new brewing in every corner, it’s a world of invention and creation. Head to Tokyo’s famous Akihabara district — or Electric City, as its nickname goes — for a dizzying array of cameras, video games, computers, home appliances, anime merch, and all kinds of futuristic gadgets under the neon lights. It is a paradise for the new age techies.

Simplicity lies in the people

Japan is famous for a lot of things but the one that sets the country apart from all the hustle and bustle is the people. Few people can rival the Japanese in terms of showing respect, courtesy, and hospitality to others. Japanese people are famous for their polite behaviour, which includes greeting superiors with a bow or waiting patiently in line. It is like they have a clock edged in their minds to prompt them with every little thing that needs to be done, and most importantly the trait that makes them way superior is punctuality. They value time like no other culture, which is incredibly essential for a living that is disciplined and focused on growing.  

Japan is the country that does a tremendous job at bringing Nature, technology and fashion together by a single thread and creating a travellers paradise. 



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