Prior to the merger, Vistara will increase its flights from Mumbai

Although the future of the brand name is unknown following its merger with Air India in April 2024, Vistara, a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines (SIA), continues to expand its operations, mostly out of Mumbai.

According to Vistara CEO Vinod Kannan, “Mumbai will continue to be a focus of growth because we have added so much domestic capacity to help grow our international connections.”

More foreign flights will be introduced from Mumbai in the upcoming months, he said, noting that there are already 12 international flights operating from Mumbai as opposed to 7 from Delhi. He said that starting in August, Vistara will raise its current daily domestic departures from Mumbai, which are currently 54, to 67.

Mumbai would have the same number of domestic departures by the end of December 2023 as Delhi, which has 78 domestic departures every day at the now.

By March 2024, Vistara will have added ten more aircraft, three of which are Boeing 787s, bringing the fleet total to 70 before the merger. According to Kannan, the majority of these aircraft will be used in the foreign market, notably in Europe.


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