The National Family Golf Tournament 2023 to promote family golf tourism

The National Family Golf Tournament 2023 was a remarkable gathering of families in three vibrant cities of India: Pune, Kolkata, and Mumbai. The tournament was executed by My Golf Tours – An award winning Golf vacation company and Protouch sports – One of the largest golf academies in India. With an idea to promote family golf tourism, the tournaments witnessed a participation of 280 golfers and showcased the spirit of togetherness and friendly competition. The tournament format featured a thrilling 2-ball scramble, where Parent-Child Teams, Husband-Wife Teams, and Sibling Teams showcased their skills and bonds on the golf course. Parents guided their children, couples strategized together, and siblings competed in a positive and sportsmanlike manner.

The event created a platform for families to strengthen their relationships while enjoying the beautiful game of golf. From the serene golf courses of Pune to the bustling cities of Kolkata and Mumbai, the National Family Golf Tournament 2023 left an indelible mark as a celebration of familial connections and shared sporting experiences.

The event was supported by HSBC, Equipped Golf Apparel, Mayfair Cruises, Flash Tour Golf Balls, Shangri La Hotels, Keventer and Ballantine’s Glassware. Mr. Arun Iyer – MD My Golf Tours, shared his vision to make this an annual event pan India and are discussing with Sponsors on the opportunities.


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