Tourism Authority of Thailand partners with Uber India to promote the ‘Amazing Thailand Festival 2023’ in Mumbai

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Mumbai Office has partnered with Uber India to promote the upcoming ‘Amazing Thailand Festival 2023’ that is slated to be held from March 24-26, 2023 at Jio World Drive, BKC – Mumbai.

As part of the promotional campaign, over 100 Uber cabs embossed with advertising posters will commute across the metropolis, especially Southern Mumbai, to promote the ‘one of a kind’ festival. The three-day event will demonstrate the best of Thailand, including its food, fashion, artistry, sculptures, jewellery, and a whole lot more.

Mr Isada Saovaros, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) – Mumbai Office, said: “Our partnership with Uber is a strong strategic move aimed towards increasing the brand awareness of Thailand and bolstering its inbound tourism from India. More than 100 Uber cabs bearing our banner will ply the length and breadth of the city and help us in attracting avid travellers, discerning tourists as well as potential trade partners to visit the festival and get closely acquainted with the rich cultural variety and beauty of Thailand.”


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