Mauritius resumes activities after Cyclone Belal

Normal activities resumed in Mauritius soon after the cyclone warning was lifted in the early afternoon of Tuesday 16 January 2024. All economic sectors are back to normal. Airport operations resumed on Wednesday 17 January 2024 with the rescheduling of flights. On that same day, more than 12,000 passengers were expected to arrive on around 50 inbound flights, with the same number of flights and passengers departing.

Tourism and airline operators are deploying their best efforts to coordinate the departure of tourists in the wake of Cyclone Belal and to welcome those who have just arrived. Excursions and visits have also resumed.

Public transport is back in operation. Essential services such as water and electricity have largely been restored. The authorities are also busy cleaning up the entire island. No incidents have been reported by tourist operators, whose priority throughout has been to ensure the safety of guests.


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